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Which is more challenging for Rick - being a good father or being a good leader? P.S. I know it’s not Christmas, but…To me you are (the) perfect (Rick Grimes). =)

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❝ It’s a funny thing, leadership. I’ve learned from playing Rick that the way that Rick leads is something that I try to emulate. He shows, he doesn’t teach. He’s one of those people who would never ask you to do something he wouldn’t do himself. I think that’s the way that I try to be when I’m on set. It’s just such a neat way of doing things—I mean, I don’t respond well to someone telling me what to do. In that way I think Rick is very smart, it’s rare that he will call someone out. He doesn’t mean to, because he’s the first guy in battle. He’s always actively stepping up and saying, “I’ll do it. Let’s get on with it.” And I think that’s very much the attitude that I have toward filming. “Let’s get on set, let’s go, let’s have some fun.” I suppose that when I’m not working, I’m a much quieter human being, I’m a much more private guy. I just kind of plant trees, mess around with the family. [TDB: Aw, like Farmer Rick.] I’m Farmer Rick, yeah, it’s very unimaginative, the writing for those scenes. “What do you do?” I just step back, I farm. “Okay, you’re farming.” I should say that I surf in Barbados, just to see what happens in Season 5. ❞
— Andrew Lincoln ("In real life, do you find that you tend to take on a leader-like role among the cast members?") [x] (via the-walking-dead-amc)

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❝ Well, I just think he overstepped every barrier by the very action of what he did. What he did was shocking. It had to be something that was profoundly beyond the realm of any morality, so much so that these Marauders, these Claimers, have never seen anything quite like it. What I loved about it was that it wasn’t a conflict, it was just a necessity. You know those stories of mothers lifting cars off their children in order to save their lives? It’s that thing. Something doesn’t snap, he just accesses a part of himself that he has been terrified of and trying to repress for so long. Hershel was helpful in that, almost like a counselor, but he’s gone. The shackles are off. But the thing I loved about this moment is it was very calm. It was a realization that this is an extraordinary, vital ingredient of survival in this new world. He doesn’t see it as a weakness or a problem anymore. He sees it as an equally important part of himself to access when need be. Don’t get me wrong, in the scene with Norman, Rick accesses that other side of himself which is incredibly open and moral and gentle. He says, “You’re my brother.” I’m in awe of the writing in that scene because something terrible has just happened. And yet he says, “It was worth going through that because we found you.” He sees very clearly for the first time in a long time, unfettered by morality. ❞
— Andrew Lincoln on Rick Grimes [x] (via the-walking-dead-amc)

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❝ The funny thing is that I think he sees a relationship that Carl doesn’t have with anybody else. Carl is a teenager now. There are certain things that a boy can’t say to his father… there’s a lightness that [Carl and Michonne] bring out in each other that is so of the old world, that is so important to life. Otherwise, what’s the point? I think that Rick identifies that as a hugely important part of their relationship. But also, she signifies a maternal presence, maybe a sisterly presence. She’s a sort of go between. […] She’s great insurance. If I die, I trust that she’s a warrior. She’s a survivor. ❞
— Andrew Lincoln (”[Michonne], Rick, and Carl have formed a family unit, and not just because they’re together in the second half of the season. They’ve been building to that. Is Michonne the person that Rick most trusts with Carl?”) [x] (via the-walking-dead-amc)

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Andrew Lincoln | TEACHERS 1x1 

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Anonymous asked: The Walking Dead or Game of Thrones

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